Motivational / Keynote Speaker

As a motivational celebrity speaker Glynn Nicholas is one of a kind, he has an ability to engage an audience with lightness of touch and warmth and humour.

There are not many speakers and performers in Australia who have the breadth of skills and experience as that of Glynn Nicholas – his motivational speeches are  extremely funny, challenging and uplifting.  Glynn  has a profound understanding of what is required to run companies and to build successful teams. For twenty-five years he has created and produced plays and musicals in several countries, including Australia, Europe and in London’s West End.  Theatre is after all a business!

He will also touch on what happens when it all falls apart? What do you do when you lose the house; the marriage and you sniff the backside of bankruptcy? Topics will vary depending on what is required from the client, but they include the following:

Team work:  The importance of finding, hiring, and working with the right people. How to manage difficult members of the team and how to get the best from those you have.  

Leadership:  What are the qualities you need to be a good leader? Glynn explores this very interesting topic in a most entertaining and insightful way. Developing relationships with your clients (never underestimate what they can do for your business)

Entrepreneurship:  Glynn's company is one of a handful of Australian commercial theatre producers exporting Australian shows to some of the biggest markets in the world - so there.

Change Management:  When what worked yesterday won't work today. Here Glynn explores how important it is to maintain your relevance and how easy it is to lose it. Change your perspective, and realise the opportunities when they pop up.

Staying human:  The Entertainment industry is built on people whose careers are built on rejection, perseverance, resilience, hard lessons and moving forward. But what does it mean to prosper and to flourish? Glynn shares some of his personal experience of this with his audience.

With rare personal warmth and intellectual clarity, Glynn shares some of his challenges, successes and monumental failures as a theatre producer, performer, writer, TV host, and director.  The content and focus can change depending on the event, the location and duration of the address as well as the level of intoxication of the audience. 

If you need a celebrity speaker that has the ability to uplift, inspire and entertain an audience whatever the function.  Glynn Nicholas is one of the very best!.  Please read testimonials here!