Stand up Comedy / Cruise Ships

Here Glynn's focus shifts more to entertaining the audience where recounts some of the memorable events and experiences from when he first arrived in Australia during the early 70’s - his early days as a busker,  singing for his supper and the gradual transition to the stage as an actor, comedian, writer, television presenter, Director and Producer.

A distillation of knowledge acquired from many years of practical experience in show business, leveled with a laconic wit plus the odd anecdote or seven from the perspective of a performer and also as a Producer and Director at the pointy end of the business.  Glynn reveals what it’s really like mounting a production in the West End. What happens when your show becomes the unexpected hit of the biggest arts market in the world and everyone wants your show?  What happens when your sure-fire turns out to be a box office flop and you have to sell your house. Yup, that happened. This is a witty but comprehensive look at what goes on behind the scenes as well as on the stage…very entertaining and highly recommended.

What makes this talk so good is Glynn’s ability to engage the audience and to communicate on a very human level with his laconic wit and warmth. Overall a very entertaining hour (or more) with one of the country's most versatile and respected entertainers.


Much more than just a stand-up comedian, Glynn is renowned as one of the country’s finest mime artists, with an array of hilarious routines (sometimes including volunteers from the audience) He also sings and plays guitar with skill and ease.