Theatre Reviews

"A tour de force of acting, mime and wit.…qualities are brilliantly projected...Pumping Irony is filled with routines and free-floating ideas that can elicit every emotion from howls of laughter to the snigger of recognition."  The West Australian

"Nicholas pumps laughter like Arnold Schwazenegger pumps iron."  Sunday Times

"Feisty, flint-edged comedy… ribs aching and cheeks streaked with tears…. Wry observations about life, and, as the title might imply, sport."  Sunday Herald Sun

"He is undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading and most versatile comedians. His Marceau-standard miming, his skill in creating numerous carefully differentiated characters and his ability to make lightning switches between them put him in the front rank of entertainers. It’s witty, perceptive and relevant, and… downright hilarious." The Mercury

"A torrent of quicksilver humor of a high order… musical comedy that’s very smart, very amusing, very perspective… Hop to it."  Sunday Age

"An evening of non-stop hilarity… it’s so funny… polished and thoroughly entertaining… You’ll laugh until you croak. Nicholas turns this into an evening of non-stop hilarity … His performance is polished and thoroughly entertaining. An engaging comic with a disarming manner and a versatile act."  The Age

"From the moment you walk into the theatre to see Kissing Frogs, starring Glynn Nicholas. You know it is going to be no ordinary performance… through-out the performance (he) weaves an amazing combination of comedy, song and dance and impersonation. … The show is a wonderful vehicle for him to show off a stunning voice as he performs with his talented co-stars. I was very impressed with his obvious talent… a highly disciplined performer."  Sunday Telegraph

"The master of poignant comedy that is whimsical, gently witty, just a little bit silly, above all it is entertaining."  Sydney Morning Herald

"Probably the most talented and original actor-comedian exploring the quick-sands of human relationships in Australian today....Nicholas is a consummate impersonator….an evening of nonstop hilarity… is performance is polished and thoroughly entertaining."  The West Australian

"The most pertinent Australian social satirist since Barry Humphries."  The Advertiser

"Glynn Nicholas… an outstanding performer. He combines so many skills to create a show that is full of warmth and understanding yet sharp, well observed and very, very funny."  Daily Mirror

"This show is a ripper, a spectacularly funny and entertaining display of talent, skill and exuberance."
The Australian

“Like all gifted performers, Glynn makes it all look so effortless and rarely lets the pace slacken.”
Melbourne Leader

“Into the fray steps the artful, superbly capable Glynn Nicholas who, while bold and skilful in the extreme, has launched a kinder, gentler comedy”  Sydney Morning Herald

“He is a very versatile performer – shifting pace and tone almost in the twinkle of an eye.”
The Canberra Times

“There is in Nicholas a fine lightness, a way of holding his audiences, however confidently, very gently in his most capable hands. He knows exactly how far to take a situation before finishing it off, usually unexpectedly.”  The Australian

“An engaging performer, Nicholas keeps on getting better, making us laugh with his wit, talent and personality.”  The Age

"Unfortunately – and this is nit picking – he’s too talented for his own good. I wished he’d dropped just a couple of the skills to spend more time exploring the others. But what joy it is to criticize a show for have too much! "  Punch

"The thought crossed my mind that Mr Nicholas, a performer par excellence, needed something extra special for his one man show. Not a comedy – he’s a master of the art; not mime or music – he’s perfectly capable with these; not satire or direction – all immaculately handled. No, Glynn Nicholas needs a venue where he could be seen by thousands more in comfort." Sunday Telegraph

"Exceedingly funny with true pathos of real-life situations, Glynn Nicolas demonstrates a developed skill of emotional control.  Combining an amazing array of skills including mime, song, dance, and even magic routines, the performer startled and enthralled the audience. 
He is one of those rare all round performers; a standup comic, mime and singer, who cannot fail to increasingly capture popular attention." Wentworth Courier

"Glynn Nicholas’s one man show, fresh from the Edinburgh festival, is two hours of masterful hysteria. Nicholas is ingenious and entertaining, and, in a review night, had the full house at Bay Street eating out of his hand. Some members of the audience were on their feet with applause at the end of the exhausting and at times spellbinding performance."  Campaign

"He is a remarkably talented and discipline performer, with a wde range of skill and a beautifully relaxed stage presence. His delivery has a gentle refinement rare in Australian comedians, but common to the best of Australian performers."The Australian

"It is quietly terrifying to watch Glynn Nicholas begin his new comedy show. He appears so likeable, so vulnerable and modest, that an audience is immediately on the edge of their seats praying for his success. But this master of poignant comedy needs no-prayers…. His mime is precise, his card tricks awesome and his comedy narrative tip-toes through potentially dangerous balance of slow pathos and laughs."
Sydney Morning Herald

"Glynn Nicholas’s show is also an intriguing piece of drama… but his delicate tone, humor and pathos in a single breath… makes his show much better than your average stand-up routine… a triumphant blend of satire and adulation."  The Independent

"Glynn Nicholas…enlivens his role with versatile tricks from his own trade store of mime, movement, timing and a certain glint in his eye."  The Financial Review

"Glynn Nicholas steals the show… He spends the performance delighting audiences with forgetful puns and rhymes."  Glebe & Inner City News

"Nicholas in the comedy role…handles the platter numbers to perfection but gets his biggest laughs from some supremely inventive business and an extraordinary breadth of talent. Watch him glide across the stage as if on hidden wheels." Australian Jewish News

"Wherever you think you’ve seen him, Glyn Nicholas has been busy making millions of Australians laugh. Unknown to some, this comical chap is a bit of an actor too, and he also happens to possess an impressive opera voice."  Wentworth Courier

"Three buxom dames calling themselves the Fabulous Singlettes try hard to steal the Show but it was comedian Glynn Nicholas (The Big Gig) who almost stole all the laughs." The Australian

"Another inspired choice is Glynn Nicholas, the country’s funniest and finest mime artist… every scene with Nicholas is a delight, whether he is singing, sending up proceedings or adding bravura touches of his own mime skills."  West Australian

“A genuinely funny. often hilarious, momentarily touching night at the theatre…. knockabout blokiness, mime and songs is a perfect platform for a piece about the business of being men. It's a pleasure to see such exceptional comedic acting in a well-crafted, stylish production.”   The Age

“CERTIFIED MALE has developed into a classy, commercial blockbuster ready to take-on Broadway and the West End….the ideal education tool for women to understand men and men to understand themselves.”  Sunday Herald Sun

“The comedy is brilliant….underneath all the macho bravado, they're real people and you have to love them….Certified Male? Make that Certified Human.”  Courier Mail

"Hilarious…should be on your must-see list. Nothing can match it for physical comedy, songs, and psychological insights…brutally frank and seriously funny." The Age

 “This is an utterly brilliant show chock full of talent, insight, songs, mountains of humour, mime and even tender moments to put it all in perspective. The cast is pure dynamite, the script is both intelligent and incredibly funny and the music is fabulous. What more could you ask for in a play?”  Scene Magasine

"Certified Male serves up a sumptuous feast of laughs and shrewd observations. The baffling world of men is exposed in all its glory, warts and all…you simply cannot miss one of the funniest shows to hit Brisbane in a long time. Certified Male is comedy at its very best.”   Unknown

“Less than five minutes into this seriously funny show you will know it’s well oiled and sooo smooth. And so it should be. It was the hit of the Melbourne Festival year before last and it’s had massive exposure since then, both here and abroad. …. theatrical genius abounds“    The Mercury

“ It is one of the brightest, funniest, and cleverest pieces in town ... riotously funny” Australian Jewish News